Milward-Bartleet Overseas Reel.

The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel was without the tension brake prior to 1926. .The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel, manufactured and wholesaled by Milward-Bartleet in the 1920’s and through to the 1930’s. It was sold in three sizes 5, 6 and 7 inches. In 1926 they introduced a “Breaknut Tension adjuster”. This, fitted to the front of the reel, was adjusted by the finger and thumb of the prominent hand.

The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel
The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel.
The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel
Reverse The Milward-Bartleet Overseas reel

We occasionally see these reels being offered at auction but if I am honest that is not very often. The example shown is in near mint condition, fitted with line that has never been used.

The old David Slater factory in Newark was acquired by Milward and added to their expanding Milward-Bartleet brand. A similar example was sold a few years back at Angling Auctions.

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