Antiques & Vintage Tackle

We have started a Facebook group together with an Instagram page for Antique and Vintage fishing tackle. The Facebook group, Antique Fishing Tackle is for items of tackle that are 100 plus years old. It’s an open group and anyone can post, once they have requested to join.

The Instagram page is Antique_vintage_fishing_tackle and the idea is to have new items posted regularly. In addition to the facebook page items posted here do not have to be over 100 years old.

You will find the join buttons on the right hand side of the page, just click and follow.

Please feel free to join or comment.

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  1. looks interesting, will be joining the group and post some of my old fishing tackle.
    i have been an avid collector of old fishing tackle for decades.
    once hooked you can never let go of it.

  2. Hi! Your two articles about Ever ready and creek chub, Heddon and goble is missing!
    I really miss them. Please upload them again or mail me the text. They were a big help!


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