Angling Auctions Chiswick London

This Saturday 2nd October, will be the autumn sale at Angling Auctions taking place at Chiswick Town Hall, to view the catalogue online click here.

You will have to register to view all the lots.

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Hardy 3 inch Wide Drum Perfect.

This article begins with an extremely rare version of the 3” wide drum Perfect, It is fitted with Hardy’s Patent revolving Line guide. As far as we know this line guide was never catalogued or offered for the 3” wide drum Perfect. Though out of sequence it seemed appropriate to make it the leading reel. Its check work is covered amongst the other reels shown below.

Hardy 3 inch Wide Drum Perfect with revolving line guard.

Hardy 3 inch Wide Drum Perfect with revolving line guard.

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Hardy Tapered Spindle Reels

It is well known that from the early years when Hardys began the manufacture of fishing reels – that they would produce any item to order for their clients. The only criteria being that the client should meet the cost of the article’s production or modification.  Where these requested variations resulted in worthwhile improvement to the reel with potential for economic advantage in the market place – Hardy’s would often produce the reel in quantity and give to it the name of the person from whom the suggested change had originated. The ‘Barton’ and ‘Davy’ reels are just two examples of this policy.


More importantly, certain of these customer requested variants did not continue into the general production output – presumably because it was thought that no commercial benefit would result from their inclusion.  Continue reading

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Mullocks Auction

This Saturday will see the summer sale by Mullocks at the Clive Pavilion Ludlow Racecourse. Unfortunately I will not be there but there are some great items for sale. A friend will be carrying a couple of bids for me.

Hardy Trade Reel at Mullocks Auction

Hardy Trade Reel at Mullocks Auction

John Mullock has revamped the online catalogue and it looks great.

For further details  click here.

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DAM, Heddon, Creek Chub, Gobel & Ever Ready Lures. Part II

The last article certainly did cause some interest and I want to thank all those people who where kind enoughto supply information.

Various information came to light and here we will just tie up all the loose ends.

Goble & Celluloid Baits

Goble & Celluloid Baits

Walt Hickerson from Tulsa is a collector who specialises in Goble baits and was kind enough to get me a copy of the paper work that came with a bait. This piece of paper belongs to Louie Tate who acquired it from a guy called Kent Clarke also known as Superman by some. Continue reading

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Redditch Review.

I arrived nice and early in the hope of finding something nice to add to my collection but unfortunately despite a few hours looking I could find nothing.  There were some fantastic items including a David Slater made Combination reel in gun metal with its original leather case retailed by Forrest of Kelso. At £450 it was too much seeing as I have three models of the same reel and would in effect be paying only for the leather case.

I have started looking into Malloch Sidecaster reels, having previously given them scant attention, due to the fact that they were not the only people making them. The patent expired in 1900 and having seen an advert for a sidecaster by Smith & Wall I wondered who else made them. Certainly there were a few, the Forrest of Kelso one differs from the others in the fact that there is a rim mounted on off check button. Les Shaw had a Foster of Ashbourne model and Andrew Race had a Reuben Heatons model. Just how many other makers are there? I would be interested in receiving pictures and information.

After the show I joined a friend fishing for carp, well he was fishing as I am a bit of a traditionalist and follow the close season. He has found a great lake where the fish just cruise around and its possible to stalk them. He told me that he uses pet food and visited a site which had a very large selection and somewhat baffling. Eventually we settled on dog biscuits and found a nice advantaged position overlooking the lake and started throwing a few free offering to the cruising carp.

It was fascinating and after a short time Ray baited his hook with a dog biscuit and cast out and I followed with the free offerings, the carp homed in on the bait and it was heart stopping. After 5 minutes all the free offering had been taken but they showed little or no interest in the hook bait.

Two hours later with half a bag of dog biscuits gone we still had not managed to get a carp to take the bait. We discussed it and started crediting the carp with super intelligence, surely they could see that the hook bait was sitting lower in the water than the free offering? maybe.

I will return to this lake and try again possibly with floating bread flake, with a split cane rod and an Aerial reel.

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Redditch Tackle Fair Sunday 16th May

This Sunday will see the spring tackle fair at Redditch taking place as usual at the Abbey Sports Stadium Redditch on Sunday 16th May. As usual there will be plenty of table with lots of tackle for sale in a wide range of prices.

For further details of the fair contact John Andrews tel 07980 274 383 or email

Also click here

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Otto Zwarg

I have been promising various people for sometime now that I would write an article on Zwarg reels. I recently met a subscriber who reminded me of this and that he was desperate to learn as much as possible about the reels.

On further questioning I managed to find out that he had been offered a small collection of these reels, more questions and probing and suddenly I might be offered one of the reels. So here we go!

Otto Max Zwarg was born in Berlin, Germany in 1899. After completing his basic education he trained as a dentist and, sometime in late 1922 – early 1923, he emigrated to the United States. However in order to practise his profession in America he would have had to have taken supplementary qualifications.

Otto Zwarg

Otto Zwarg 1899-1958

His wife and newly born daughter were still in Germany, presenting the young Otto with a problem. Should he try and gain the additional qualifications to work as a dentist, thus delaying the arrival of his family or take temporary work and bring his family over immediately? He would then be able to gain his qualifications at leisure.

He chose the later and gained employment with a company started by another German born immigrant Edward Von Hofe.

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DAM, Heddon, Creek Chub, Gobel & Ever Ready Lures.

About seven years ago when I did my first tackle show in Germany I was introduced to the DAM Vampir lure and straight away I thought that it was a copy of the Heddon Gamefisher.

Heddon Gamefisher

Heddon Gamefisher

I did wonder why Heddon never took legal action against DAM and I thought what if Heddon made the bait for DAM? (Or visa versa.) After all the Gamefisher had been introduced in 1923 and had US Patent No. 1,477,756 filed in August 1922 covering its design.

Over the years I have had many conversations with collectors in Germany and America and the conclusion is that no one knows who made them.

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Angling Auctions

This Saturday I will be at the Chiswick Town Hall for Neil Freemans Angling Auctions.

Lots of very nice items and hoepfully I will return with a few. For further details click HERE

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