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Redditch Tackle Fair Sunday 16th May

This Sunday will see the spring tackle fair at Redditch taking place as usual at the Abbey Sports Stadium Redditch on Sunday 16th May. As usual there will be plenty of table with lots of tackle for sale in a wide range of prices.

For further details of the fair contact John Andrews tel 07980 274 383 or email johnandrews@btinternet.com

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May 15, 2010   No Comments

Otto Zwarg

I have been promising various people for sometime now that I would write an article on Zwarg reels. I recently met a subscriber who reminded me of this and that he was desperate to learn as much as possible about the reels.

On further questioning I managed to find out that he had been offered a small collection of these reels, more questions and probing and suddenly I might be offered one of the reels. So here we go!

Otto Max Zwarg was born in Berlin, Germany in 1899. After completing his basic education he trained as a dentist and, sometime in late 1922 – early 1923, he emigrated to the United States. However in order to practise his profession in America he would have had to have taken supplementary qualifications.

Otto Zwarg

Otto Zwarg 1899-1958

His wife and newly born daughter were still in Germany, presenting the young Otto with a problem. Should he try and gain the additional qualifications to work as a dentist, thus delaying the arrival of his family or take temporary work and bring his family over immediately? He would then be able to gain his qualifications at leisure.

He chose the later and gained employment with a company started by another German born immigrant Edward Von Hofe.

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April 3, 2010   4 Comments

DAM, Heddon, Creek Chub, Gobel & Ever Ready Lures.

About seven years ago when I did my first tackle show in Germany I was introduced to the DAM Vampir lure and straight away I thought that it was a copy of the Heddon Gamefisher.

Heddon Gamefisher

Heddon Gamefisher

I did wonder why Heddon never took legal action against DAM and I thought what if Heddon made the bait for DAM? (Or visa versa.) After all the Gamefisher had been introduced in 1923 and had US Patent No. 1,477,756 filed in August 1922 covering its design.

Over the years I have had many conversations with collectors in Germany and America and the conclusion is that no one knows who made them.

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March 28, 2010   9 Comments

Angling Auctions

This Saturday I will be at the Chiswick Town Hall for Neil Freemans Angling Auctions.

Lots of very nice items and hoepfully I will return with a few. For further details click HERE

March 25, 2010   No Comments

Spring & Lever Hooks

 At  the last Phillips sale I was surprised to see the appearance of a spring loaded hook. This particular one was Swedish and I first came across this hook in the early 1970’s when I was doing my arctic warfare training in Norway. The idea was to bait the hook with a small baitfish, lower it into an ice hole and wait for a large pike to take the offering. Thus providing a meal, that was the theory.

Eagle Claw Hook

Eagle Claw Hook

During the last year or so I have  come across other spring loaded hooks and  decided to do a little bit of digging to find what was available to the  researcher.

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March 17, 2010   8 Comments

Hardy Curragh Creel

Another scarce Hardy creel that I recently had the pleasure to come across was the Curragh. I had never seen it before and to be perfectly honest I did spend some time looking at it and trying to decide if it was Hardy.

Hardy Curragh Creel

Hardy Curragh Creel

The reason for this was that I could not find the Hardy name anywhere on it. Eventually it was pointed out to me and I was surprised.

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March 16, 2010   1 Comment

Hardy Drop Knife

The emergence of the Hardy Drop knife at auction recently caused plenty of discussion amongst some of my close collecting friends. Once the auction was over there was even more, mainly due to the fact that it sold for £3,200 certainly a record price for an angling knife.

Hardy drop knife

Hardy drop knife

I was asked by various people why so much? The simple answer is that two people wanted it. I heard various reasons and various estimates as to how old it was and even read somewhere that it was circa 1910. Nothing beats a little research so here is the almost complete story of Hardy Drop Knife.

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March 14, 2010   7 Comments

Romsey Tackle Fair

I will be at the Romsey Tackle Fair this sunday details below.

March 8th 2009 – The Romsey Tackle Fair, Romsey, UK

Romsey Community School, Greatbridge Road, Hants, SO518ZB

9am – 3pm, £2 entry, Tables £30, free parking, refreshments/tea/coffee/fresh rolls available

For more information contact Steve Draper

Email: stevethecreel@hotmail.co.uk, Tel: 02380 739921

March 4, 2010   No Comments

Graham Turners Book

I was asked if I was interested in doing a book review for Classic Angling, I was and it was published in issue 63 January 2010.

Click on the thumbnails for a better view.

Book review

Book review

Book review

Book review

February 28, 2010   No Comments

Ustonson Reel

There has recently been much discussion on the Ustonson reel featured in Graham Turners book Fishing Tackle The Ultimate Collectors Guide. Graham Turners view was expressed in Classic Angling. In the next issue they published an article by Micheal Brabin expressing his views and this was followed by Roger Still two months later.

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February 27, 2010   7 Comments