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Otto Zwarg

I have been promising various people for sometime now that I would write an article on Zwarg reels. I recently met a subscriber who reminded me of this and that he was desperate to learn as much as possible about the reels.

On further questioning I managed to find out that he had been offered a small collection of these reels, more questions and probing and suddenly I might be offered one of the reels. So here we go!

Otto Max Zwarg was born in Berlin, Germany in 1899. After completing his basic education he trained as a dentist and, sometime in late 1922 – early 1923, he emigrated to the United States. However in order to practise his profession in America he would have had to have taken supplementary qualifications.

Otto Zwarg

Otto Zwarg 1899-1958

His wife and newly born daughter were still in Germany, presenting the young Otto with a problem. Should he try and gain the additional qualifications to work as a dentist, thus delaying the arrival of his family or take temporary work and bring his family over immediately? He would then be able to gain his qualifications at leisure.

He chose the later and gained employment with a company started by another German born immigrant Edward Von Hofe.

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