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Category — Hardy LRH Lightweight Reel

Hardy LRH Lightweight Reel

This article was written by Ted Evans for The Antique Tackle Observer and I thank him for the update.


The majority of this article was first published in issue 43 of the ‘Antique Tackle Observer’ during 2005, It was later published on the ‘Classic Rod Forum’ for the members of that website. Publication generated a number of queries asking if the article was definitive for the Lightweight / LRH Lightweight, my answer was no – the article sought only to chart the progress of the development of the reel from its introduction up until its final incarnation. This answer prompted the further the query, “ if this isn’t definitive what else is there”?


Hardy Lightweight 1st Model.

Hardy Lightweight 1st Model.


The reader is invited to read on and discover the dateline of 1939 does not mean there is a lack of variety, rarity, or interest to be found amongst later reels. We wish to show this is untrue and there is much to learn from – and appreciate in – Hardy’s post war output. [Read more →]

July 25, 2009   8 Comments