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Hardy Brothers 2003

This article was first published in January 2003. 

On my drive north to visit the Hardy Facility in Alnwick I was reminded of the booklets produced by Hardy’s in the 1920’s when a couple of gentlemen toured the rod making works. I felt I as though I was treading in historical footsteps. The main difference was that I did not have a leisurely trip on a train but a four o’clock start and a two hundred and fifty mile drive up the A1.

Solid Drum Hardy Bougle Agate II

Solid Drum Hardy Bougle Agate II



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March 15, 2009   2 Comments

Ed Zern & The Hardy Tobique River Reel

I was very interested to read the section on the Cascapedia reels in John Drewett’ s book on Hardy Brothers. I am particularly interested in the comparison  between these  reels and with  similar reels being made by the Edward Vom Hofe company around the same time.

John mentions the Tobique River reel sold at auction in America during  November 1993 and having known about it for some time I decided to do a little more investigating.

The reel was a size 2/0 and only had  two medallions, the Royal Warrant  by Appointment and  the model designation. The medallion with the  Prince of Wales feathers was omitted.

This Royal Warrant  was granted in 1931, one year before  the Cascapedia was launched in the  Hardy supplement. My guess is that the Tobique River reel was made in 1930 or even 1929, it would require many months if not years to  produce a new reel This reel is certainly the prototype or first production model for the Cascapedia.

Edward  Vom Hofe had  launched the Tobique reel in about 1928 claiming that it was the world’s first multiplying action reel with the winding handle centrally located.

Ed Zern Hardy Tobique River Reel

Ed Zern Hardy Tobique River Reel

We can only speculate as to the reaction of the Vom Hofe company on seeing the appearance of the Tobique River reel. Panic, shock, indignation – who knows?

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March 7, 2009   2 Comments