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Edward vom Hofe Pt. II

In the 1907 catalogue the model 413 had changed sizes to fall in line with the rest of the reel models, as per the list in the first part of this article. This reel was a single action model and in later years would be called the Cascapedia, named after the North American River. This was also the name that Hardy Brothers would use for their ebonite multiplier introduced in the 1930’s. [Read more →]

January 2, 2010   15 Comments

Edward vom Hofe & Lorenzo Mitchell-Henry.

Some time ago  I wrote a piece about Tunny fishing and Mitchell-Henry. I have continued to research Big Game fishing and in the last eighteen months I have twice come across a reel that intrigued me.

The reel is a size 6/0, 4¼ inches diameter, and capable of holding 600 yards of line. This size is just about big enough to be called a big game reel.

Mitchel- Henry Reel

Mitchel- Henry Reel

The first time was at the Moor Allen auction last February. I decided to leave a bid on it and check it out fully when I had won the item. [Read more →]

December 26, 2009   No Comments

Edward Vom Hofe. Part 1

Edward vom Hofe Advert 1910

Edward vom Hofe Advert 1910

The Edward Vom Hofe tackle company was without doubt one of the worlds greatest. As reel makers they  were on a par with Hardy, Slater and Heaton. [Read more →]

March 9, 2009   23 Comments