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Aberdeen Fishing Tackle

“Why collect tackle from Aberdeen?” is a question I am sometimes asked. Well – I was brought up in the area, fishing mostly on the rivers Don and Deveron, so when I started collecting it seemed to be the most obvious place to concentrate on.

I had a brief flirtation with Hardy tackle but luckily managed to trade most of that on a couple of years ago. I still get tempted by some of those wonderful Perth style wooden reels, Sun and Planets and, oh yes, a Malloch trout in a biscuit barrel case and a Pirn would be nice too! But in the main I stick to Aberdeen tackle and the old tackle catalogues.

So why collect tackle from a particular area? An advantage is that your collection can comprise the whole spectrum of piscatorianna, rods, reels (including fly and spinning), flies, lures, gaffs, nets, ephemera etc. You could amass a selection of the major British manufacturers.

Robert Catto & John Davidson crank wind reel

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