Men of Trent The story of the Nottingham winch.

I am please to announce that Men of Trent has been published and we will commence shipping at the end of the week. The books are expected in England on Thursday 14th June.

To order follow the link

Men of Trent The history of the Nottingham Winch

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2 Responses to Men of Trent The story of the Nottingham winch.

  1. Bill Charles says:

    Hello Stefan,

    Are there still copies of your book available? I’m particularly in reading the info you have included regarding David Slater

    Best Regards


  2. Stefan Duma says:

    Hi Bill yes its available but the section on David Slater will be in the 3rd book which I will be starting on in January. The first volume covers 1805 to circa 1880.



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