Dingley Glen Fly Reel

I did make a comment about various reel made by Walter Dingley after he left Hardy Brothers and eventually starting his own reel making company.
Someone commented that he had searched google and found no mention of any of the reels that I had listed, the reason? nothing has been posted consequently Google can not pick it up.
So for Willy and Google here is a picture of the Dingley Glen Fly reel retailed by Westley Richards of Birmingham who used the same name that Dingley did.
The scan is from January 1920 and the reel is only in three sizes, later, like the Hardy Unique upon which it was based it would be offered in larger sizes.

Walter Dingley Glen Fly Reel retailed by Westley Richards

Walter Dingley Glen Fly Reel retailed by Westley Richards

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