Men of Trent The Story of the Nottingham Winch

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Men of Trent The story of the Nottingham winch.

I am please to announce that Men of Trent has been published and we will commence shipping at the end of the week. The books are expected in England on Thursday 14th June.

To order follow the link

Men of Trent The history of the Nottingham Winch

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Nottingham Wooden Fishing Reels

Men of Trent will give a history of the Nottingham wooden fishing reel from it’s early beginnings. The book will pinpoint the various developments from the early bush reels, the strap backs, star backs and centre pins.


It will endeavour to help  the reader understand this fascinating area of tackle collecting helping to identify the mundane run of the mill from the rare, and consequently valuable stars.

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Men Of Trent – Ebook

Men of Trent book

Men of Trent and an early Nottingham Clamp Winch


I have been asked if Men of Trent will be available as an ebook.

Its something I have not thought about but would welcome your opinion.


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Men of Trent

Men of Trent book

Men of Trent and an early Nottingham Clamp Winch

Register an interest in a new book on the history of the Nottingham Winch

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David Slater

Many of you who know me are aware of the fact that I have been working on a book on the history of the Nottingham fishermen and tackle makers for many years now.
David Slater is one of the characters central to that work. Many people have asked me when the project will be completed, as they want to know more about the man and his work.
The short answer is that it is nowhere near ready and there is still an unbelievable amount of research to be carried out. So in the meantime for those readers who do not know who he was – an introduction.

David Slater 1849 – 1917

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Tay Fishing Floats

Alfred John Tay was a float maker in Victoria Street Redditch when he invented a rather ingenious method that would enable the angler to change from one type of float to another quickly.
Hi invention, a double loop staple — a bit like a paper clip, also combined a pin to loop the line around so that the depth at which a float was fished could be easily changed.

A Tay Float from the 1912 catalogue.

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Aberdeen Fishing Tackle

“Why collect tackle from Aberdeen?” is a question I am sometimes asked. Well – I was brought up in the area, fishing mostly on the rivers Don and Deveron, so when I started collecting it seemed to be the most obvious place to concentrate on.

I had a brief flirtation with Hardy tackle but luckily managed to trade most of that on a couple of years ago. I still get tempted by some of those wonderful Perth style wooden reels, Sun and Planets and, oh yes, a Malloch trout in a biscuit barrel case and a Pirn would be nice too! But in the main I stick to Aberdeen tackle and the old tackle catalogues.

So why collect tackle from a particular area? An advantage is that your collection can comprise the whole spectrum of piscatorianna, rods, reels (including fly and spinning), flies, lures, gaffs, nets, ephemera etc. You could amass a selection of the major British manufacturers.

Robert Catto & John Davidson crank wind reel

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The Men of Trent

I would just like to announce that I have finished the book on the early history of the Nottingham Winch.

More details to follow.

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Angling Auctions Chiswick London

This Saturday 2nd October, will be the autumn sale at Angling Auctions taking place at Chiswick Town Hall, to view the catalogue online click here.

You will have to register to view all the lots.

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